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The artistic praxis of filmmaker Anna van der Velde  explores existentialistic themes and subjective experience stemming from the conflictive dynamic that exists between the individual and contemporary society. The metaphysical questions being investigated through her work are translated within a poetic visual language comprised of symbolic association, metaphor, non-linear logic, and instinctive signification. Within this framework, Anna van der Velde exposes the interrelation of angst and beauty, terror and the sublime – thereby seeking to uncover the obscured and often antagonistic edges of the human subconscious that habitually overwhelm, and on occasion overpower, the human subject. 


As a visual creator, Anna van der Velde undermines traditional cinematic devices through, amongst others, unconventional framing, static shots, and abstract body movement. As such, her work typically encompass a surreal yet uncanny quality. Through these stylistic choices, she aims to arouse a sense of unsettled detachment and, subsequently, create enhanced space for personal reflection within the viewer.

Anna van der Velde

Film director / Visual Artist



DE - STUDIO 1140 GmbH
US - Space cowboys

IT - C41

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